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Carrying a wide range of machine tool accessories ensures we’ve covered all the bases. Our highly trained application specialists work closely with our suppliers to pinpoint the best option for each request. And of course, everything is backed by our top-notch technical support.


Under the LNS roof, you’ll find just about all the machine tool peripherals you might need. They sport the industry’s widest and most advanced assortment of bar feeders, chip conveyors, high pressure coolant systems, and more.


Renishaw is a trusted and innovative name in probing and measurement systems for automated machining.

Golden Sun

GSA has produced a full line of standard worm gear driven 4th axis rotary tables since 1978. Their rotary tables range in diameter from 120mm to 800mm and are made with strenuous quality standards to ensure you get the precision and durability you need.


EXSYS offers live tooling, high-level tool holding and single-base tool adapter systems.


For 30 years, KOMA Precision has distributed rotary tables with the finest Tsudakoma technologies. They offer multiple models, including Ball Drive and Worm Drive System tables, 4th/5th axis tables and multi-spindle tables.


Lyndex-Nikken manufactures industry leading CNC rotary tables. Their products augment and enhance machining centers while maximizing productivity.


Kitagawa offers power and advanced chucks, steady rests and  a variety of workingholding and support accessories for turning and vertical machining centers.


Schunk has more than 40 years of experience developing and producing lathe chucks for state-of-the-art machining, and they’re internationally renowned for the quality of their products.

ATS Systems

Known for industry-standard ubiquitous workholding devices such as air chucks and bar feeders, ATS Systems provides machine tool accessories and automation that amplify production and quality.


Trusty-Cook is a pioneer in the development and manufacture of industrial polyurethane products, such as industry-leading CNC spindle liners.

Samchully Workholding

Samchully offers a full lineup of workholding options for turning centers and machining centers, including hydraulic chucks along with soft and hard chuck jaws.

SMW Autoblok

SMW‑AUTOBLOK is among the leading manufacturers worldwide of workholding systems for turning, grinding and milling machine tools. Steady rests, chucks and chuck jaws are designed, manufactured and supported in-house.

Big Kaiser

A global supplier and manufacturer of high-precision tooling systems and precision metal cutting tools, Big Kaiser BIG-PLUS precision tools increase production capacity and quality in all applications.

IMG Electromark

One of the developers of the electromarking process, used to mark metal surfaces with a sharp, clean impression without distorting the metal part. IMG Electromark’s offerings are perfect for serial numbers, date codes, trademarks or even measurement markings.

With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing air purification systems, our engineering team has the right solution for your application! Mist collection, fume control, air purification, etc. Our air purification systems are suitable for the most demanding applications.

IEMCA designs and produces automatic bar feeders since 1961 and today it is the worldwide leader for every type of application for lathes, machining centers, grindings, gear cutters, and other types of machine tools.