Impressive, Dynamic and Long-Lasting. You Can Always Count on DN Solutions.

Ferro Technique’s relationship with DN Solutions (previously known as Doosan Machine Tools) started in 1992 and grows stronger with each passing year. In the beginning, the range of products they offered was much smaller, but these days they’ve got over 170 options on the market and provide some of our best-selling machines.

In fact, we love them so much that we’ve been DN Solutions Distributor of the Year four times, and we’re a 15-time recipient of the Century Award for selling over 100 machines a year. We come out on top often enough to win awards because we believe in the value and rugged durability of these machines.

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Always Improving

DN Solutions gives its distributors unflinching support that inspires confidence in their end users; the feedback they receive is used to innovate. The PUMA GT2600 is a perfect example of this in action, as we were involved in pushing for this particular model based on customer needs.

Fast Deliveries Made Possible

DN Solutions maintains a huge inventory of over 700 machines in the United States. Having that kind of inventory so close to home often allows them to deliver faster than the competition, and gives our customers the machine tools they need sooner rather than later.

Distributor of the year award winner
Century Award Winner
(+100 machines sold annually)
Partners for over 30 years